no one tells the wind

no one tells the wind
up here
where no one tries
to tell the wind
which way to blow
i feel freed
to simply be
in it all

much in the way
i suspect
i felt in the womb

carried along
being formed

i cried against it
and foolishly
and sought
a world
that revolves

martin stewart

the hills say little

Morning Cloud On Lindis Ridge

the hills say little
if all goes well
my presence here
will not be noticed
the hills continue
the ancient business
of being

yet their beauty shines
and is on offer
whether I care
to notice
or not
whether I am here
or not

the invitation
is simply
to respond
to what
they offer

they don’t speak much
except by responding
to my noticing
by saying
what they said
when I first arrived

you’re welcome

martin stewart
Lindis Ridge February 2016