Who started it?

Jan city (1 of 1)-10This lovely piece of street art was tagged recently – the artist Ash Keating acknowledged that the white paint tag was probably an expression of distaste at the initial vandalism by Ver0 – an insurance company not always appreciated in post-earthquake Christchurch.

It does give one cause to ponder the nature of vandalism.  If it is a dedicated sign does that legitimize it over what someone does with a spray can?  I am well over random pointless tagging around the city, so I am no advocate for that expression of street art.  If people have something to say and it is clever (like Banksy) then bring it on within reason.  But I think I do understand the second time the Keating piece was tagged – but the Vero tag is what dishonoured Keating’s work.




Christchurch City Tour

Yesterday I accompanied my mother on an open-top double-decker bus tour of the central city in Christchurch.  It was an excellent trip – hands-free for the photographer(!) and a helpful perspective of the many changes this city is undergoing.  The largeness of the vacant lots stands out, but also the progress.  The commentary on the bus was excellent – informative and at times quite funny.  They also began the tour by wishing my mother happy birthday – she was 80 yesterday!  We completed a splendid morning with a yummy lunch at Christchurch’s Cafe of the Year, Hello Sunday.


For the last four or five years I have been making calenders using images from the previous year’s photography.  I order 20-25 of them and give them away as gifts.  The challenge is to try and keep them improving in quality of image.  Generally there are about 8 or 9 really good images from the year’s work that suit being displayed on walls in houses for a month – and another 3-4 that might be ok.  Also, they are not necessarily what I would wish to look at but what I imagine others can cope with/appreciate.  They cost between $12 & $18 each to reproduce and post.

So 2016… The cover 20160101_094536 and the images…