the best song ever written

The headline attracted your attention – in truth what I am promoting is not the best song ever written, but it is jolly good!  It is for me the best song of the year so far and pertinent to my sense of being prompted to live life to the fullest… and it is by a band that does play the worst song ever written in their concerts!
The song is the last one in a very wonderful new album by The Decemberists called ‘What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World’ and is very well named for the last song… ‘A Beginning Song’.  It has the chorus ‘I’ve been waiting, should I be waiting’ and ‘I’ve been wanting should I be wanting when all around me…’ and then you have to wait until the end to get them to finish the question.  Should I be waiting or wanting when basically everything is already here?  Even the light is here…so live in it!
In a season where people have been cultivated as consumers there is always a hunger for more and more and more… but actually enough is already given…make something of that! 

I hope you enjoy it!  Very kindly, the words are included in the video!