Wharariki Beach

I noticed that Wharariki was voted one of the best beaches in New Zealand in something I was reading recently.  It is not a swimming beach but one of the most beautiful places in  New Zealand, up the top of the South Island.  It is also isolated, and windswept and picturesque.  The photograph was taken several years back when Anne and I walked over the hillside track to the beach in the dark in order to catch the morning light… it was worth it!

Dawn at Wharariki

Hello Sunday

Anne and I snuck out on our day off for a taste of the new-ish menu at Hello Sunday.  We have a bias.  Sam, our 24 year old is the head chef and food designer there – so any advocacy about his food is reflective of parental pride and all that.  But… the cafe won Best Cafe of the Year in the 2015 Hospitality Awards plus three other awards including People’s Choice – so other people back us up!

Also, if we want to eat a meal prepared by chef Sam then we seem to have to pay for it!

We are not complaining… the food was remarkable – exquisite Turkish influences with egg, asparagus with pumpkin with a hint of fennel… light yet lasting… beautiful to the eye and a delight in each bite.

And the chef was in a crazy mood – lots of fun.

It is fantastic tracking the development in the vibe and food quality as Hello Sunday draws near to its second birthday.




Santa’s new imposition

As if it isn’t enough that Santa has inserted himself into the Christmas story of the birth of Jesus, now Santa has imposed himself on the eucharist/holy communion  – at least here in NZ on the new Pack’n’Save supermarket billboards…

See what I mean

The old version – Da Vinci’s Christ at the Last Supper:

last supper

The new: Pack’n’Save’s Santa Last Supper, though I do not know which part of the eucharistic prayer has been reinterpreted as ’tis the season to be savey!
pacnsave last supper


An article I wrote published in the Christchurch Press newspaper today

Race Relations continues to be an issue here in Aotearoa – maybe extent of racial prejudice is not to the scale of what happens in some other countries, but there is a place for ongoing coaching so that what we have achieved doesn’t slip…