Ellerslie Garden Show 2014

It was good to head along again this year and see that good changes were bearing fruit – a sense that the garden were the centrepieces – more of them, better consistency, sufficient practicality and  contrasting quirkiness.  Placing the big tents around the edges was a vast improvement – the whole place felt open and uncluttered despite the presence of several thousand people.  There were some great touches – the involvement of children, fantastic sculptures, and small features to try at home.  I think it has earned its reprieve but it could do with a rebranding now – something that reflects the Christchurch setting.  The ChCh City Council made a controversial purchase of what was an Auckland show, and it has paid off.  Now it is time to own it as a local show for people from near, far and wide.  Some of my images…
burn after reeding DSC_0376  DSC_0383 DSC_0381 DSC_0404 take rest DSC_0385 DSC_0387 DSC_0389 DSC_0399 DSC_0392 DSC_0415 DSC_0371

Ellerslie Flower Show 2013


the sculptures were a real highlight this year


in the weta workshop Andrew Ellis-Danny Kamo design


Susan Higgs’ ‘Migration’

Anne and I attended the show today in Hagley Park – first by volunteering with Christian World Service for 4.5hrs and then having a good wander around.  There were some great highlights, but this year’s show felt less than last year… less food, less quantity and quality exhibits, and less punters.
This collection of images were some photographic highlights for me… DSC_0417 DSC_0425 DSC_0438

Ben Hoyles Gold Winning garden - quite a gem!

Ben Hoyles Gold Winning garden – quite a gem!


a very chatty Maggie Barry


a school group from the Wellington area

a school group from the Wellington area (Raumati)


The grand winner and my favourite as well

The grand winner and my favourite as well – Revolutionising Reuse

Tomato Soup

here’s a grand recipe we love… we anticipate making 30kg of our homegrown tomatoes into soup this year!

Tomato soup one hour from now!

Tomato soup one hour from now!


Tomato Soup

9lbs/4kg tomatoes

3lbs/1.5kg onions

1 cup sugar

1 dsp salt


1 tbs short grain rice

Mint or mint flakes

Chop tomatoes & onions

Add other ingredients

Bring to boil

Simmer until well-cooked

Puree the mixture (can wait until a bit cooler)

If want to dilute a bit water is useful

Freeze as much as want in containers
(a margarine container is just right for two adults – the children starve)