Rubberband Begins

For all of those wanting to know what Rubberband played when they regathered after 35 years… here is a sneak look.
I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at how well we played but also how much we had improved over the years by not playing.  I am not sure that this is a good thing to have observed, should we now wait another 35 years until I am 90?  Maybe not… maybe we were simply not ready at the age of 20 and now we are. Continue reading

Rubberband Reforming

fame is coming closer
like a new dawn rising…
a phoenix rising from the ashes of a few discarded cigars

Rubber Band, our early 80’s band is reforming,
our one true song: the B-52s’ Planet Claire…
it goes without saying that if we had written and recorded it
we would have been better than them

fame was within our reach
on paper we had more talent than
Larry’s kitchen gathering Hype (U2),
but the songs had already been written
and we were not hungry enough
Timaru was not Dublin (or Atlanta)
(though we did go to school with The Exponents’ Brian Jones)

we went our separate ways
all that promise unfulfilled

but wait – there’s more
watch this space
crack open the Steinies  This song was made for Tony’s voice and it is as if he is singing it