Santa’s new imposition

As if it isn’t enough that Santa has inserted himself into the Christmas story of the birth of Jesus, now Santa has imposed himself on the eucharist/holy communion  – at least here in NZ on the new Pack’n’Save supermarket billboards…

See what I mean

The old version – Da Vinci’s Christ at the Last Supper:

last supper

The new: Pack’n’Save’s Santa Last Supper, though I do not know which part of the eucharistic prayer has been reinterpreted as ’tis the season to be savey!
pacnsave last supper



I wrote the following by way of apology to a meeting:
I am in the middle of a dental calamity (a two-toothed gap) and am finding it hard to say some of my favourite words like ‘existence’ ‘presbyterians’ ‘spaciousness’ ‘spirit’ ‘stewart’ ‘species’ ‘Jesus’ ‘shiraz’ ‘sex’ etc.

I fear I will only make a nuisance (another troublesome word!) of myself (another) if I tried to be useful (yep, one more) at the meeting, and I don’t look as sartorial (another) as I might either!

Please accept my apology for not being at the meeting – I should be repaired on Tuesday next!

The letter after ‘R’ is troublesome

Kim Fabricius quote

This guy is marvellous… rightly naming the craziness of some forms of Christian beliefs/ideological-isms for what they untruly are…

a teaser…
‘This is an ecclesiastical health warning for “divine flu”. There are two potentially fatal forms of this malady afflicting the church. One is caused by the Tweedledum virus, the other by the Tweedledee virus.

Theo-chemically, the viruses are mirror images of one another, and can only thrive in symbiotic relationship. The technical terms for the related illnesses they cause are “neo-liberalism” and “conservative evangelicalism”.’

He then lists 10 symptoms for each – to be fair I have picked my favourite from each – it is easy to pick which side of the coin fits which ism…

“Think “Calvin and Barth” is the name of a comic strip, that orthodoxy is dull rather than dangerous, and that John Spong is a “progressive” theologian rather than a recycler of Enlightenment ideas.”

and, “Worship with “choruses” that are four lines long, a half-inch deep, and take 20 minutes to sing.”

read more here…

name the prince

baby prince
I have just started a competition at our church at St Stephen’s – to name the royal baby – chocolate prizes for those who get it right!  I have kick-started with my sure-pick winner… Mervyn – His Royal Highness Prince Merv.  I am onto something, I am sure.  While there are no online contribution prizes for all my friends out there, why not pitch in with your suggestions and I will keep a poll.  Go Merv!

William Willimon quote

Rev Professor Willimon, a Christian Century editor at large, is back teaching at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina after serving as a Bishop in the United Methodist Church in Alabama. This article appeared in The Christian Century, January 27, 2004, p. 20.

“Now, the Bible is a violent book. That’s good, because we are very violent people. Something about our system of government makes an average of 2,000 New Yorkers want to kill one another. This is the system that we graciously offer to the people of Iraq.”


big egg todayGathering some garden produce this morning included a rather large egg.  Our eggs are usually too large to fit into the egg cartons from the supermarket, but the double-yoker today is almost twice the size.  It must have hurt!!!
I have heard that hens have 6 minute memories (how they test this would be something worth knowing!).  Thus every morning when an egg pops out they must look around and say ‘What the heck was that?’  and ‘Ouch – that hurt!’  This explains the squawking each morning post-egglay.  Not only a squawk of wonder, but a squawk of pain followed by the promise ‘Thank God I never have to do that again, one of those in a lifetime is enough for me!’  And then, 6 minutes later, it is as if it never happened!