Malcolm Gordon at The Gathering

Malcolm leading the crowd

Malcolm leading the crowd

Malcs warming up!

Malcs warming up!

It was great having Malcolm playing at our breakfast Gathering on Sunday morning.  We had a full hall with many people joining alongside the usual group.  Malcolm was witty, thoughtful, and moving and he played and sang well.  Awesome!

Rainbow at St Stephen's

Rainbow at St Stephen’s

There was even a rainbow to greet the concert-goers!


Escher pointing to the way of the reign of God

Escher’s ‘Print Gallery’

Out of yesterday’s Gathering conversation…
I have no idea about the artist M.C. Escher’s theological motivations, but I find the Print Gallery drawing a compelling revelation of the faith dimension of life.  What is depicted is the experience of looking at art and the way the viewer is transported into a wider vista of reality through the viewing.  It is as if another world has broken into this one, and the artist has found a way to lead people into it.
For me, the reign of God/kingdom of God, has been announced and lived out and revealed by the, among many other things, soul artist Jesus Christ – who is kind enough to make himself known to us – a window into the real world that is so often missed by the crowd and the culture.

Quail Island

Anne and I have had the most fantastic of days over on Quail Island, in Lyttelton Harbour, with a bunch of people from our breakfast ‘church’ The Gathering.  The children in the circle, all 12 of them, were simply delightful and their families have permitted me to share some of the photographs I snapped.  We feel as if we entered another world for the day and we treasured every minute of it.

A Great Gathering

On Sunday morning our breakfast church Gathering was especially good with the ‘naming ceremony’ for little Chelsea and the welcome addition of family & friends.
Thanks to the various people who put in a bit extra – food, hospitality, 27 children! (not counting two babies), and who contributed to some really interesting reflections on parenting and how we honour the young people among us.