Welcome to the ‘this that and everything else’  blog for Rev Martin Stewart.

I am a Presbyterian Minister working with Anne, my wife in a team ministry at St Stephen’s in Christchurch, New Zealand.  We have been at St Stephen’s since the end of 2006.  www.ststephens.co.nz

Life for us revolves around our work responsibilities, our three young people (23,21 & 17 yrs), grandson Oli, our dog Griff, cats Moby & Finn, doves & chooks, ‘as organic possible’ gardening, music, reading, movies, photography, walking & art.  We have just purchased an old church with an adjacent shack in Totara Valley.  We are looking forward to developing the 1 acre grounds and eventually converting the church into a house that we will eventually live in.

Theologically we are wary of labels – we prefer to see ourselves as working at the intersection of a warm incarnational, grace-filled, practical, trinitarian approach to ministry, with a distinct wariness of legalism and judgementalism.

My old blog is still up but not being added to www.marttherev.blogspot.com
I also post images I have photographed on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/53135686@N02/

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thankyou for your wonderful piece re Passion Sunday. I am not religious per se but as a christian am touched and amazed by such clarity and wisdom in the midst of all you and those around you are experiencing.

    Much love to you and yours

  2. Hi,
    My name is Jennie Jamieson and I arrived home on Sunday after going out looking at houses to buy as I am in the Red Zone and have to leave my house. As a lady aged 66 and living on my own, this is not something I have wanted to do. I have loved my house and garden and the community. However, with everyone shifting out I am starting to feel rather unnerved. There were two ladies in my drive when I came home and they chatted for a while and how shocked they were at seeing the condition of the area. They offered me a grocery voucher and I didn’t open it as we were chatting so avidly, I thought I would open it up when I got inside. I just could not believe it when I saw it was for $200. What a kind and generous thing for you folks to do. People has been so kind and we all appreciate it so much. We had a sausage sizzle later that day to say “goodbye” to a house that was being demolished on the Monday. Several of the people were talking of the churches generosity and it does give one a warm feeling. I am originally from Sumner but have loved living in this area. I haven’t had the nerve to drive past Ferrymead and don’t know when I will be able to see my old school in Sumner again, nor do I think I will ever go thru the Lyttelton tunnel. It is such a traumatic time for us all. I am looking at buying in Halswell and the thought of no liquifaction and dust is very inviting. With no toilet or water for weeks, it was something I do not want to live through again, however there has been amazing acts of kindness shown in real community spirit. After the June earthquakes, I was getting dressed and heard voices outside my bedroom. I peeked out and there must have been about 10 neighbours with shovels getting rid of the silt from my garden. It really does gladen the heart when this sort of thing happens.
    Your grocery voucher was just another wonderful thing that has happened. I went to the supermarket and bought a box of chocolates for my Japanese student and I to enjoy. I also bought some chewy treat for my foxy dog. He appreciated it too.
    Once again, very many thanks to your all.

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