my home town

St Clair & St Kilda in Dunedin, New Zealand

Dunedin is where I was born and where my grandparents lived  I have lived in the city for 5 year periods twice in my adulthood.  I love catching up from time to time!

perception is reality

Overnight the NZ Prime Minister has declared that ‘Perception is Reality.’ [Sources: The Press & National Radio]

This milestone in philosophical thought was spoken in relation to the rapid backpedalling the Government made in relation to the idea of increasing class sizes in schools.

While it is good they backpedalled, the philosophy that guided such an act disturbs me more than how many kids are in our school classrooms.  If perception is reality then we need to totally redefine (among other things) all mental illness (because from today these are now normal) and criticism of all conspiracy theories (because from today they are also true – Investigate magazine will be so thrilled!).

I have long perceived that the motivations of  Government are essentially malevolent.  I knew I was onto something but received confirmation today (to my surprise!) from the highest source in the land, that what I perceived is actually true.

Thanks John!