it spoke to me

it spoke to me
– Martin Stewart

just a moment ago
I caught a wisp of cloud
moving over the peak
in the Himalayas

if I hadn’t been looking
I would have missed it

I didn’t really catch it – you know,
as if I could ‘handle’ it
I caught it in the sense of a mind-snap
it popped by
there to be noticed if I cared

I did notice
I was a long way away
across the planet in a building
not even trying to picture
that place I have never been

that wisp of cloud,
for a moment
I felt the chill of it

it spoke to me

I am just over here, it said,
quite close
tied to you really
my breath is so tender
you can blow it away if you want to

if you want to you can diminish me

don’t try to catch me,
care for me,
if I am well
you will be well

for this place is rather small
and you and I are not far from each other.