Northland Trip

Anne and I are on a brief trip to Northland for me to conduct a wedding. It means that the NZ Blackcaps cricket team are going to have to do the thing against Australia without me cheering on in front of the TV!  But it is beautiful up here. We have stayed at Snells Beach and now have two nights at Omaha…a glorious spot by the sea amidst rather palatial houses (mostly empty!). The wedding is in a beautiful grove surrounded on three sides by the sea.

We head further north on Sunday for two nights to some of my favourite places.  So exciting!

Here is one beach, Pariki…a lovely space with wonderful hillsides.

Pariki Beach, Northland, NZ

Changes in Christchurch – the ‘Red Zone’


The photo is the area where three of our churches walked out around $85,000 of supermarket vouchers to severely affected people in Christchurch. It is stunning to see what has happened. Hopefully all the affected people have found a new and better space in which to live. I know one family for whom the relocation has been successful albeit slow and at times massively disruptive.

Her Bangles Thrown Down

My friend and collaborator Bernard Thornton has written the following poem in response to one of my recent Hanmer Springs images… Here it is:

Hanmer Springs

Her bangles, thrown down

You have reduced the landscape

to dark blue and ebony,

where purple whispers as she

scatters her golden bangles on me.

Making this shot all about her and

the difference she wrought in me.

New peaks of possibility,

fresh-pointed, the way blue

looks when it’s just cleared

black by the skin of its teeth,

and lovely, carries still

remnants of its sorrow.

Bernard Thornton