resurrection in your bones

Resurrection in your bones

as you dip your toes
in the waters of life
testing the resurrection in your bones

prepare to be wounded
not only by what comes at you
but by the repeating litany of your failings

prepare to be tortured
the gap between what is and what will be
is the place you are to inhabit and you must remain unsettled

prepare to be tempted
people will demand clarity and you will seek to deliver it
even though it is next to impossible to explain what you have barely glimpsed

as you embrace the fears that threaten to contain you
and engage the forces that truly are fearsome
the One who sends the light will attend to that which is beyond your powers,
blessing you as you brace yourself against the ploughshare forged from the sword

martin stewart 2016

In memory of Daniel Berrigan SJ (9 May 1921 – 30 April 2016)


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