you would want to be awake

Hanmer 1

you would want
to be awake
early these days

when autumnal skies
pick up summer’s dust
refracting the light of dawn

you would want to find
a high place where you could
take off your shoes

in the clean air
before winter’s banked fires
smoke the atmosphere

you would want
to keep silence

the sacred space
between dreaming and working

you would want to be
washed by the emerging colour
as the things of the day come into focus

you are ready then
to attend to
the food
the paper
the conversation
and the beckoning tasks

martin stewart 2016


One thought on “you would want to be awake

  1. Oh yes, your poems are great Marty!! That’s beautiful….I connect with every part of it. Thank you for sharing it.


    Chris and Sue Bedford

    3 Adela Stewart Drive


    R D 1

    Katikati 3177

    07 863 5260

    021 1733 979

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