Grumpy Driving

A friend posted on Facebook about his rising angst at the frustrating experiences of driving on roads that have other people on them… He wrote: ‘I’ve seldom got frustrated let alone angry behind the wheel , but lately I find myself fuming when I miss the green light because of the inattention of some twit in front of me who is concentrating on texting or checking phone messages and is slow to react. Has anyone seen a site on which photos of these dorks and dorkesses can be featured? What can be done apart from me taking more deep breaths and calming down?’

My response was this:

‘There is something about motor vehicles which has cultivated in us an expectation of running everything to the wire,
thus we leave things to the last minute,
we reduce our connection with the people around us
(thus we feel we can swear and curse at the
m from inside our metal and glass boxes),
and we operate in constant states of tension…

I don’t think my grumping at car drivers is going to improve by a few deep breaths on my part,
I think I probably should walk more, or take public transport,
or leave half an hour earlier to get over what I have been sucked into.

What worries me the most with my grumping (which is a behaviour I very rarely display in any other human interaction)
is that one day the person I am cursing turns out to be a friend
and she or he recognizes me, and kind of doesn’t recognize the me that is on display!’


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