The Decemberists: what a terrible world, what a beautiful world

I am loving listening to the latest Decemberists album…the worry is that I will wear it out!

My family have been Decemberist fans ever since we arrived in Australia with a rental car and only one CD – The Crane Wife which we were happy to have as the soundtrack of our holiday.  The Crane Wife Part 3 is important to all five of us and takes us straight back to that holiday.

Just like U2s latest, the second ‘half’ of the album seems to hold the treasure.  The earlier songs, while clever and witty and even downright naughty (Philomena!), seem more suited to the market and its appetites (their last album The King is Dead reached #1 in the US album charts), but the later songs are so very well crafted and vary in style in such contrasting ways that it seems a little like a collection of unrelated artists making an album until Colin Meloy sings – he is so distinctive!
As I write Easy Come and Easy Go with its hint of The Shadows is playing.  Earlier the glorious introspective The Lake Song prompted me to get around to writing this blog entry.  For me it is the stand out song of the album – lyrics and glorious bass playing…

The crowning glory is the final track A Beginning Song is referenced in an earlier blog… I love the invitation to celebrate life… and then the CD starts the album all over again… and life is good, very good.



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