The Seekers 50 year concert

Anne and I popped along to listen to The Seekers in Christchurch last night.  It was great – great as in a nostalgia trip, great in that these clever people have been singing together off and on for 50 years and still sounded rather wonderful, great to be sitting next to a woman I knew from Oamaru who was at her first ever concert (and of a similar age to The Seekers), great to be among the youngest people there(!), great that there is a double bass(!) and great that we knew almost all of the songs.  Actually, I knew many of them, Anne knew all of them.  I found out afterwards that Anne spent quite a portion of her childhood wanting to be Judith Durham when she grew up.  Too tall Anne, too tall!
Anne’s parents loved The Seekers and purchased all the albums.  Two seem to have survived…

For me the iconic Best of The Seekers was pretty much a daily presence in my childhood.  We listened to it many times, but I recall that it seemed to be the LP record that stored at the front of the stereo-gram and therefore part of the lounge furnishings.
Maybe the link to our childhoods was what was behind both of us feeling quite emotional in the first few songs (we admitted afterwards) – songs seem to link us forever to the feelings and events of our lives…many of The Seekers songs were written and performed when we were in our pre-school years – not much stays in the memory from those years but the songs have remained, and we were privileged to have that window opened last night.


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