Hello Sunday cafe, Christchurch

I am itchy to write a review but my bias is total – my eldest son Sam is the head chef and menu designer and my younger son Josh is on the front of house staff.
Hello Sunday on Elgin St, Sydenham, Christchurch

Hello Sunday on Elgin St, Sydenham, Christchurch

That declared and out of the way, I want to acknowledge the passion and energy of this young team – Christopher Penny (owner/manager) and Sam Stewart and the people alongside and around them have established a fantastic operation – the food (and I am paying my full share – they can’t afford favours!) has been consistently fresh, tasty, well-presented and an adventure.  The coffee has been smooth and good with no bitter edge (well done Switch, well done baristas!), and the surroundings, while echoing a little at this early stage of their development, are very pleasant with a nice comfortable homely retro feel.
We have encouraged many friends and church-folk to try it out and they have all reported that they loved the food and coffee and service (I am going to talk to the management about a ‘being a promoter’ discount one day).
Sydenham is bustling and the addition of this fine little cafe on Elgin Street near The Columbo mall and Academy movie theatre is fantastic.


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