silly old guy fawkes

Te Whiti being led from Parihaka - source: Wikipedia

Te Whiti being led from Parihaka – source: Wikipedia

This evening New Zealanders in their droves mark the failed bid to blow up an English parliament several centuries ago by lighting expensive imported fireworks of average beauty to the bewilderment of me (and others) and to the downright fear of my scared animals.

On this day, 5 November 1881, an illegal raid was carried out on the village of Parihaka in Taranaki on New Zealand’s North Island Te Ika-a-Maui where the peaceful protesters were either beaten, raped, or sent south to work in Dunedin as slave labourers held without trial.  The injustice was immense, but the thread of the gospel was stronger thanks to the stunning leadership of the chiefs Te Whiti O Rongomai and Tohu Kakahi.

Now that’s a story worth marking with decent celebratory public fireworks displays in the towns and cities of Aotearoa New Zealand each 5 November!


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