Blackcurrant Harvest

some of the jars of jam

some of the jars of jam

New Year’s Eve and we are nearing the end of the blackcurrant harvest… over 20 jars of blackcurrant jam (Anne has a liking/fetish for b/c jam!), 3.5kg of frozen b/cs and 7 jars of blackcurrant relish and we still have a quarter of the crop to go… they are wonderful this year, many of the currants are larger than usual.  Search the site for the awesome blackcurrant relish recipe (posted last year) – an amazing taste on crackers and cheese.
We found the 12 ‘agee’ old jam jars on a second-hand junk shop in Leeston earlier this year and couldn’t resist recreating the old-style jam jar look!


2 thoughts on “Blackcurrant Harvest

  1. when we were children if we were home ill our mother would make us a balck currant drink made form hot water and blackcurrant jam. almost worth being ill to get

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