Totara Valley

Anne and I received confirmation today that our tender for the Totara Valley Church near Cave/Pleasant Point in Sth Canterbury has been accepted!  We are so very thrilled!  It is our Grand Design project – the building in which we plan to make our home at the time of our retirement in about 14 years.  The church was opened in 1894 and has served the community well.  We intend to preserve it as much as possible while creating a home in it in due course.St Paul's Church Totara Valley

In the meantime we will use the rear 3-room Sunday School buildings as our batch/holiday home and slowly develop the land with trees and whatever it takes to enable us to live as simply as we can on the land.  It is 1hr 50min driving distance from Christchurch – perfect for a few nights away and holidays!
It is virtually a bare-land project which suits us just fine.  We have a bed of fruit trees that will be transplanted next winter.
Our Christmas present to each other was bought today as a sign of our ‘Yippee!’ and intentions…

our Christmas gift to each other

look closely to see our Christmas gift to each other

It seems very strange mapping so clearly our future plans – great fun as well!


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