pumpkin patch 2012

Today was the great pumpkin patch creation day.  We had just three pumpkins last year and the last one is yet to be eaten.  They have stored well and are so sweet to eat.  The second-to-last pumpkin was eaten last month.  I collected some seed and grew them in the greenhouse.  Over the last 5 days I have hardened them off in the vege garden while still in their pots.
The pumpkin patch this year is a purpose-built stack of old macrocarpa sleepers that my friends the Cundalls no longer needed.  The ‘soil’ mix is a collection of sticks and leaves and old rotted sticks and leaves that have accumulated in a pile over the last 18 months.  the whole exercise took just over an hour and a half… lugging the sleepers, cutting one or two to create the box, filling it with compost from the pile, and finally, planting the 8 pumpkin plants.  Great fun!  I wonder how much fruit we get from our 8 seeds?


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