Mumford& Sons in Concert

We have just returned from Auckland where we had an overnight trip to attend the Mumford & Sons concert in the Vector Arena.
Here are my impressions/thoughts:
1. great location/accessibility/leg room/acoustics at the Vector – not quite so in the CBS arena in Christchurch on all these accounts, thus the trip up there well justified.  They perform here in ChCh on Tuesday.
2. very good opening act (there was another earlier that we missed) – Sarah Blasko from Sydney.  She has a stunning voice, an understated but talented band, and some extraordinary rhythms and wails.  Very pleasing!
3. Mumford & Sons – gentle start, amazing ability to draw the audience in, dynamic energy, incredible musicianship, three drummers in the band with Marcus, Ted & Ben delighting – esp Marcus & Ted (not many songs had full drum kit but when they did – oh my!), interesting and thoughtful lyrics (and, surprise surprise we could hear 90+% of them even with the decibels.  Well done!!!), the young and old hopped often, and the almost 90min set was amazing and the guys looked stonkered afterwards.  Thanks for giving it your all!
4. the gentle songs in Babel especially are very very good – Ghosts that we knew was a real highlight.  Pity that a bank of young people at the back on the floor decided that such softer songs were an opportunity to talk about the weather and other equally important stuff all the way through!  Annoying!  Didn’t you pay good money for the gig?  So shut up and listen!
5. Auckland.  Nice to pop in and have a great experience.  To be honest, while some South Islanders like to bag Auckland, I have only ever had fantastic experiences on my many trips up over the years.  Good to go to a place that has a centre-city!  Ours will come again, but I hope it has a bit of the soul that is developing in Auckland!  The plethora of very good bands – Mumford & Sons, Black Seeds, Ben Harper & Coldplay all in 8 days is a sign that the city is a place to go to!!!


One thought on “Mumford& Sons in Concert

  1. Just wanted to comment and say i went to the Christchurch Gig and had a total blast, amazing band that had everyone up on there feet and just such an amazing group of artists, really good sound quality as we could hear nearly every word, everyone was really into it and same interesting opening bands you had in Auckland. So good my friend ended up buying Sarah Blasko’s CD because she enjoyed it so much. An amazing night out, the only problem was not a lot of space to dance and having young teenagers behind me complaining about how long the opening bands played for.

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