Babel again

The new Mumford & Sons album Babel is just getting better the more I listen to it.
Rarely does a band’s second album surpass the first, and maybe I don’t have enough perspective yet, but the songs on Babel are stunning with melodies and words that stick in my head better than the Sigh No More tracks.  I think this band have taken everything up a notch.  Quite amazing!
The stand-out tracks after quite a few good listens are: Ghosts that we Knew (the words and music are simply sublime – and the implicit theme of forgiveness of what has been – these ghosts – is essential if we are to live freely and in the light), Below my Feet (what an anthem of hope!), I Will Wait, and, the sequence of tracks 5,6&7 (Ghosts that we Knew, Lover of the Light, & Lover’s Eyes which I hope they play one after the other in the concert next month because the links between them are delicious!


One thought on “Babel again

  1. Their performance at the Roundhouse in London is still up on iTunes and is well worth watching; I’d say it’s my favourite concert from the festival. They open with Lover’s Eyes and it’s just spectacular, also tracks like Dust Bowl Dance and Awake My Soul made me go back and get Sigh No More too. So very successful for iTunes and for Mumford & Sons! I hope you enjoy the concert!

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