Listening to Babel by Mumford & Sons


I am loving the new Mumford & Sons album, Babel.  I received a deluxe version on Saturday (which has three extra tracks including The Boxer with Paul Simon!).  It is early days but three tracks are really standing out – the catchy I Will Wait, the thoughtful Lover of the Light, and the extra track Where Are You Now.
While there is a degree of ‘same-ness’ to their first album on the first few listens – the differences emerge and now leave a lovely aftertaste, or better, a lovely ear-worm (the sound that stays even in the silence – this time a good one!  This all helps to maintain my self-imposed ‘Celine-free’ ear-worm zone).  The lyrics hold piles of small gems – many in the theological/faith category.  The tunes are mixed in style but with their trademark folk sound.
If you enjoyed Sigh No More, you will also enjoy Babel.  The New Zealand concert to come is much-anticipated!!!!


One thought on “Listening to Babel by Mumford & Sons

  1. Hey there, I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I’ve gotta say I appreciate your taste in music! This isn’t the first time I’ve seen you post about an album that I’m loving as well. I actually went back and brought Sigh No More because of this, and I’m loving that as well. My parents are Ashley and Harriett, from your Timaru days, and both thought you’d appreciate the feedback!

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