Tips and thoughts on Daylight Saving

Hey, we only have until the 30 September to prepare ourselves for Daylight Saving!  Daylight Saving tips and thoughts from MarttheRev:
1. get some sleep – we lose an hour and it is a jolly long time until we get that hour back!
2. make the most of early morning walks – for a time you lose the early light – it just disappears overnight!
3. forget the idea that you are really saving daylight – it is a myth.  I have been researching this and it is a fact that there is not an extra hour of daylight at all – they just adjust the clocks to make it seem as if you have extra daylight!  Honest!  Well, I think I am being honest… maybe I am wrong…
4. for if you were saving it, where would you store it?
5. maybe someone is storing it – like a world power or secret government ministry.  Maybe Gerry Brownlie is storing it somewhere.  Gerry, if you are reading this, can you give me a definitive answer?  Please don’t ask John Banks about how to answer definitively!
6. Will the storing of daylight be something iwi and hapu can make a claim against under the Treaty?
7. Has anyone thought of saving daylight in the summer when there is tons of it (more than we need!) and relocating it to winter when we don’t have enough?  We could even export it to places like Antarctica and Sweden (where, according the Swedish novelists everyone is killing each other – brutally – and often in the dark because they have too much dark)!
8. Just in case, if we do export the daylight we save, can we get some extra police just in case people start killing each other in the extra dark we will inevitably get?
9. Is there a ‘just right’ daylight/dark ratio so that we can export carefully and thoughtfully – you know, so that it is better for the environment?
10. Should we consult younger generations before we export daylight?  I only ask this because they will end up with less than us older ones have had and they might be a bit grumpy.


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