Sweet Tooth

I have just read Ian McEwan’s latest novel Sweet Tooth.  It is a 1970’s set low level spy novel about a young idealistic woman, Serena, who is recruited to ‘spy’ on or woo an emerging novelist.
The story unfolds well for the reader with enough pace and tension to keep the pages turning.  The ending is clever – very clever really, and feasible.
Some interesting themes emerge to invite reflection: ‘ideology and truth,’ ‘what is work and what is love?’ ‘creative ways to beat writer’s block’ and, the disturbing one, in what way does deception make for a more intense and fulfilling relationship?  With the two main characters, some deception seemed to help.  I am not of their kind I suspect!

The church, represented by Serena’s Bishop father, was a wet and hopeless blanket… oh well, it was the 70’s!

The title leaves a bit to be desired… a spy ‘project’ name that while descriptive of the intent, is somewhat lame-duck-ish.  If they make a movie, that name won’t last.


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