London Olympics

I have really enjoyed the London Olympics.  Timing-wise it has suited us in New Zealand very well with heats in the evening before we go to bed and finals in the morning when we wake (Athletics and Swimming) and finals in the evening for most of the events where NZers won medals – rowing, kayaking, cycling and yachting.
It ceryainly rates as the greatest Olympics I have witnessed, mostly because of the setting – the city of London was the winner.
How fantastic it was to involve the inner city in a number of the sports and the surrounds like Greenwich were fantastic for the equestrian events in particular.
I particularly enjoyed the humour and Britishness of the opening ceremony – Queen, Bond & Corgi’s especially (Griff, our househound of the Corgi persuasion was chuffed!).  Even the closing ceremony proved stunning.
For a despiser of the Spice Girls, I have to say that what they did (aided by excellent cabs) was ok (and they didn’t even tip off the moving cabs in order to make headlines) – and because they have made this leap they most surprisingly score a snapshot in my blog – a one and only says my editor!


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