God Dog…

Anne attended a funeral today and the attached clip was played.  It was unfortunate that almost the only look in God got was through the clip, but at least the God who was represented in the clip resembles the God we know in Jesus Christ, well mostly!
It is a human tendency to take a little bit far the Genesis 1 concept of ‘let us make them in our likeness’ and end up with the idea that God looks like us…

This little clip pitches for the God-Dog link to be taken into consideration, and while there are many ways that dogs are that clearly speak to me that there is very little that they share with how God has been revealed to us in Christ, there are, nevertheless, some attributes to at least some concession to our canine companions…

This post is dedicated to our good friend Professor Murray Rae who is a teacher of theology at Otago University, and who shares his house, sometimes far too grudgingly, with a lovely wee pooch called Deklan.




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