henhouse #4


henhouse from the double-glazed side

Progress over two 2-3 hour afternoon tackles of the job… has left the world with many bent nails, a frequency of adjustments as things are never as square as one imagines, and a few naughty words – one in particular when the hammer decided to hit my thumb nail instead of the galvanised one… (Hammer hits nail – that’s what it is for, that is what it does, but I now want to define nail more tightly – NOT MINE!!!)
What can be seen in the picture above (apart from the now fully installed double-glazed windows) is the beginnings of the perching area and nesting boxes.  The design, of course, is patented… and impossible to describe as it is a ‘make it as you go’ kind of project.  If you look carefully, the underside of the nesting box is suspended from above… like the recipe for KFC, the combination to the main safe at Fort Knox, and the ability to understand women, the way to making this feat of engineering is a secret – kind of beyond me as well to be honest!


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