hen house #3

hen house frame up

Day 2 of the build – a week later
The framing is up and the door and double-glazed window!  Please note five important things before you make snide comments:
1. I am not a builder
2. All the materials are recycled
3. I really am not a builder
4. It is only a henhouse
5. I always wanted this to be of character!  That has now become an excuse!

double glazing and even on an angle!!!


2 thoughts on “hen house #3

  1. Why did you double glaze? I am asking because I have gliding windows and if I push one pane across the other, the sparrows on my terrace cannot see me and I can see them right next to me. So I was wondering what your chickens think of that double glazing.

  2. the double-glazing… one, I don’t think the chickens have an opinion on it; two: it was a window I had lying around and I finally found a use for it; three: it is on the shady and cold side of the henhouse so it will act as a barrier to the wind, but, as the top part of the hen house is quite open it will not hold the heat in as it was originally intended to do in a window!!!

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