henhouse # 2

little chook makes it to our place

There have been a few more nails driven in and plans made to complete the hen house.  But most importantly, there are new hens for it.  Four wee girls have been purchased and housed temporarily in the old hen house while the new is being fashioned from recycled whatevers!  They are still young and chirpy rather than older and clucky.  rather cute really, but alas, no eggs until mid-year.


Sieger Koder Art

Sieger Koder is a German priest who has painted some startling folky paintings on various aspects of the ministery of Jesus.  One of the features of his work is the child-like simplicty of the depicted characters and the way in some of his works that Jesus is depicted by reflection rather than actual full presence.  This technique has both a hint of resurrection and a respect for the Old Testament notion of not being able to name or see the Lord.
One of these images will become a feature of the easter sermons I will preach next week, but as a hint of where I might be heading, here is an image of Koders on the theme of Jesus ‘eating with tax collectors and sinners’.