more on St Paul’s in Auckland

cross and window

I have been in a little bit of contact with someone at St Paul’s because of some of the images I have posted on this page and my flickr site:

The St Paul’s website is worth a read – their history in particular – a story of adapting to change but also one of being nurtured across the globe. Their webpage is simple and inviting…


Sky Tower Reflection

I spent a few days in Auckland last week and was fascinated again by the dominance of the Sky Tower – and its beauty.  Around the city centre it kept popping up on the landscape – but especially in the reflections off buildings that I increasingly began to look for.

Auckland's Sky Tower

Here I have captured a reflection that kind of has an element of apocalyptic judgement on it… it is an iconic and quite wonderful building, but it also houses a gambling house – a place of broken dreams, addictions, and this last week, some dodgy politics over the number of pokie machines!

The following impressionistic image is a lot less damning…

scene out my bedroom window