Christchurch Anglican Cathedral’s Autumn/Fall

broken cathedral and autumn colours

Yesterday the powers that be allowed people to carefully walk into the city centre square and view the gaps and especially the condemned Anglican Cathedral.

Some 18,000 people made the pilgrimage.

iron and masonry

It was a solemn affair.  I recognised that I am so heartily sick of damaged buildings that I find myself devoid of much emotion now.


One thought on “Christchurch Anglican Cathedral’s Autumn/Fall

  1. Sadly, it will be a loss of a historic building, but I guess it is really already lost in that it is wreaked, a symbol of a bygone era, and an import from a culture with which we have much less connection now. What a wonderful opportunity though, to replace it with a building with strong New Zealand styling that makes a positive statement to the glory of God in the midst of a city which will be rebuilt in a modern style.

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