22 Plays for Good Friday

Greetings all!

I have just received a copy of Rev John Hunt’s just published booklet called ‘The Drama of Good Friday’.

It is a collection of 22 short dramas based around characters and events in the gospel narratives of Good Friday.

I want to alert you to its practical usefulness and encourage you to get yourself a copy.  They are selling for only $20.

John Hunt, as many will know, has been at the forefront of looking at the message of Jesus through a Celtic lens.  These plays are not Celtic as such, but the heart of the Celtic approach is to focus on the width and breadth of everyday human life and express the heart of God’s love in all the places we find ourselves in.

That’s what John brings to these plays… heart and soul, as well as food for the mind.  He has recently retired and had time to compile this collection from his long ministry at St Giles.

One of the plays that really stands out to me in one on the character of Joseph of Arimathea meeting Pilate to arrange the burial of Jesus’ body.  Not only does it expand our understanding of the awkward place Pilate found himself in, but it identifies the tensions Joseph might have been wrestling with – he was part of the Jewish Council – part of the system that led to Jesus’ death, yet he believed… and he offers in this dialogue a hint of resurrection. It is cleverly done… John has captured the dialogue tightly and thoughtfully.

22 plays – imagine that as a resource!!

John has copies of the books – $20 each.  You can order one by emailing him… johnburton.hunt@xtra.co.nz

Best wishes




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