getting on but pausing to reflect

The news on TV and in The Press has been saturated with one year on earthquake stories. The images are horrible and frightening, but many of the stories of people being rescued, their rescuers, and the battles people have had in their recovery have been heroic.

Thus the whole experience of moving to mark the earthquake tomorrow has been mixed… tears and pride, shock and delight, feeling overwhelmed and determined…

We missed much of the earthquake imagery as it occurred last year because of power cuts and our TV breaking.  we were glad to miss it – the experience of the many shocks, and the stories from people we knew (especially our two sons) were enough at the time.  I was caught up in a myriad of work-related activities and communications.  In so many ways the first two months after last February’s quakes are a blur.

Anne and I will attend the Anniversary Service in the park tomorrow – recognising that we are torn – one half spectators and one half participants.  As ministers we are nervous of how colleagues will perform… we hope for sensitivity.  Our denomination has been left out of the preparations – maybe that is necessary, but we wish people would communicate.  That aside, we have been so involved for so long that it will be good to just let something come at us and hopefully offer solace.


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