Trev & Val #2

I went back out to see Trev & Val today and gave them a calender I had made using the above photo (a little thanks for the grapefruit!).  I have been approached by TVNZ One News seeking out a story for Christmas and Trev & Val have agreed to let themselves be ‘celebrified’.  I think the clip will be shot later in the week and televised on One News at 6pm on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day! I would normally keep the media at arm’s length but in this case Val & Trev represent what I think is the silent majority of earthquake affected people in Christchurch and surrounds who don’t moan and groan at what more could be done for them, but find ways to make the best of it.  I hope that that would be how I was if in my 70’s or 80’s I found that the house I had been living in for 50 years was condemned and my neighbourhood decimated.


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