creative christmas cones

Over on the eastside on some almost totally abandoned streets some of the neighbours have set out to bring some Christmas cheer to a rather bleak situation.  The road cones have been dressed up in Christmas themes and even a street-side porta-loo has been decorated and named ‘Santa’s grotto’.  Well done to these creative and resilient souls!!!
The next image was taken by Heather Watson…

The Watson family's contribution to the streetscape

Trev & Val

Anne and I went out today to deliver the last five supermarket vouchers over on the east side of the city.  We had a parcel to drop to someone we knew but figured that if we saw houses that were being lived in around that area (a totally condemned neighbourhood!) then we would randomly hand out $200 supermarket vouchers to these people with severely disrupted lives.

On our travels we met Trev and Val who were incredibly positive despite their losses.  While they mentioned that if they didn’t keep smiling and looking ahead then they would probably be crying.  They received us warmly and despite their situation (they will be moving in March or so next year to a new cottage at a retirement complex), they offered us a gift – grapefruit from their tree (they can’t eat it) – but more than that, they offered us a great deal of Christmas cheer.  What lovely people! What a privilege to spend half an hour with them today!