Gavin Friday’s version of ‘the fly’

I’m enjoying Q magazine’s cd of U2’s Achtung Baby covers that arrived in the post this week after a fairly hair-raising process of securing the cd with the magazine as this was a UK only thing.

The Q magazine December issue marks the 20 years since the groundbreaking release of AB, and arranged a series of artists to do the songs in the same sequence.

the CD is named: “AHK-toong BAY-bi Covered” and is a mixed bag with Gavin Friday’s version of The Fly an early standout as are the songs at the close of the album as listed below…

10. Ultraviolet (Light My Way) The Killers 4:53
11. Acrobat Glasvegas 4:08
12. Love Is Blindness Jack White 3:20

The grand thing with Gavin Friday doing The Fly cover is that as a friend of Bono’s since they were young, he was also a key collaborator with the Zoo TV tour where The Fly was one of the best acts of the whole show.

Of course these covers are not even close to being better than the real thing but it is interesting to hear what people do with songs like these 20 years on.


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