The NZ Cricket story

The Headlines Sequence Just A Few Minutes Ago:

Sport headlines

  1. Live updates: Black Caps lose four before lunch Photos
  2. League: Arthur Beetson dies, aged 66
  3. Basketball: Breakers confident they can cover Bruton loss
  4. Test cricket NZ v Oz: We can win this

This is so much of what we have to get used to where our cricketers tend to struggle in most forms of the game except for sometimes…

Talk the game up bigtime ‘we can win this’

and then… 5/96 early on the first day of the five day test…

It is not a lot better with our once premium and wonderfully talented golfer, Michael Campbell who says he is on track and then is 5 over par on the first day of the NZ Open.

Why don’t all of our sportspeople just be quiet ahead of these games and let the game do the talking?

If they have to say something then simply say…  “I will do my best and see what happens.”

Better a bit of ‘humble kiwi’ rather than the all too frequent ‘eating of humble pie!’


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