Pajama Club

I’ve just purchased the debut Pajama Club CD and enjoyed a first listen.  Neil Finn has teamed up with his wife Sharon and a chap called Sean Donnelly.  Neil is at his usual best – drums, guitars, keyboards and sharing many vocals with Sharon.  They started jamming at night in their pajamas – hence the name.  Sharon’s vocal style is a bit hard to explain but her voice goes very well with Neils.

I am always intrigued by Neil Finn’s ability to keep rolling out the songs and pitch them in the right direction – sometimes solo, sometimes Crowded House, sometimes with brother Tim, and now with Pajama Club.

Next… a Finn family extravaganza… Neil – guitars, drums, keys and vocals; Sharon – bass and vocals; Liam – guitars, drums, keys, vocals and whatever else he plays; Elroy – drums and whatever else he does…

Why not?


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