Barge on Lake Wanaka

At around 8.30am one morning we encountered the strangest sight on Lake Wanaka near Makarora, a large barge crossing the lake with tractors and other  vehicles on it.  It seemed so out of place. It turned out that it was the barge belonging to Minneret Station – a high country run at the head of Lake Wanaka (south side) that has no access road.  The barge, we found out, is used for carrying stock, bales of wool, fertiliser, trucks carrying equipment, etc.

What was also amusing was the small boat used to ferry a school pupil who is then picked up by a van and taken to Makarora and back each day.  I wonder how often the excuse for not making it to school is because of the lake being too rough!
Someone has since written in and suggested looking at these settings on Google Earth:

Look at Google Earth 44°27’1.18″S 169° 6’43.15″ E

There is the barge turning if you zoom in – brilliant!

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