earthquake damage

Anne and I visited friends today whose home is to be demolished as part of the NZ Government EQ package for affected homes.  They are philosophical – the damage to their once delightful home and land is irrepairable.

The drive to their home was horrendous – one of the pictures attached indicates what happened to their street just 12 days ago.  If we hadn’t had our high wheelbase vehicle we wouldn’t have got to the house by the route we have usually used.

Our friends asked me to take pictures of their house for their own records.  The house is empty and badly broken – they suspect that it has only held together because of the high quality steel roof.

The swimming pool out the back tells the story of the forces at work – it has come up several metres out of the ground. I had photographed it lopsided after the September 2010 quake but the February 2011 quake lifted it out of the ground and on its frightful lean.

Photographing their home was a sobering experience.


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