50 – music of the last year

As with every year for the last while I prepare a list of songs that I have enjoyed listening to through my 50th year and burn them onto a CD.
The list contains some new tracks and a number of old ones – some rediscovered, others really ‘heard’ for the first time.

[The last year included getting to the following concerts U2 in Melbourne, Leonard Cohen, Pink Floyd Experience, Dave Dobbyn all in Christchurch, NZ]

The List (in order of what sounds nice):

The Rip – Portishead Third 2008
[My favourite Portishead track brittle yet powerful]

Radiohead – Exit Music (for a film) Ok Computer 1997
[More brittle yet powerful]

One – U2 & Mary J Blige Duals 2006/2011
[Thanks U2 for releasing duals to the diehard ever poorer but always richer fans!]

Stranger Here – Cowboy Junkies Renmin Park 2010

Grind – The Church El Momento Siguiente 2007

All Along the Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix The Best of Jimi Hendrix
[My way of giving thanks for the great Bob Dylan on his 70th birthday]

Falling Dove – Crowded House Intriguer 2010
[Melancholy at its best]

Wire – U2 The Unforgettable Fire 1984 re-mastered version 2009
[Play it loud!]

Thistles & Weeds – Mumford & Sons Sigh No More 2010
[On an album with many fine tracks this one stands out – I particularly like the last third of the album]

Sour Times – Portishead Roseland NYC Live 1998
[What fascinating music!]

Cicadas – Cowboy Junkies Renmin Park 2010
[An unusual style for the Junkies – it grew on me]

Isolation – Crowded House Intriguer 2010
[Neil Finn always comes up with lovely new songs and is joined by his wife]

The Lady Don’t MindLittle Creatures Talking Heads 1985
[What a joy to buy the CD and remember this song on what I believe to be their most accessible album]

My City of RuinsThe Rising Bruce Springsteen
[A very pertinent song after our large earthquake in February]

Girl, Make Your Own Mind UpThe Sun Came Out Don McGlashan with 7 World’s Collide 2009
[Don is a NZer formerly with the Muttonbirds & Front Lawn]

Moment of Surrender – U2 No Line On The Horizon 2009
[this is on for the third year running – a great song]

Not on this mix but would if I could have found a way to download them in time:
Supernatural – Cowboy Junkies from their latest release Demons, where they cover songs of the late Vic Chesnutt http://latentrecordings.com/cowboyjunkies/

Girl With One Eye – Florence & The Machine Lungs 2009

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