Some thoughts this week

A theme I used in various places this week was this:

After these earthquakes that have killed people here and in Japan,
people feel lucky to be alive. 
How do we take those feelings
and turn them into a virtue
in our daily living?I explored the concept of developing the virtue of reverence and awe as a daily practice – based on some ideas formulated by Barbara Brown Taylor in her book An Altar in the World and her use of some ideas by the philosopher Paul Woodruff.

With a ‘big’ birthday looming, I recognise even more the preciousness of time.  This last month as reaching 50 has stood on the very near horizon, I have been remembering some friends and school acquaintances from over the years who did not make that age – Russ Leadley, Gary Taylor, John Shand, John Grice, Peter McSweeney, along with the others whose funerals i conducted over the years.  I wonder if they had known that they would not live so long whether they would have lived each moment more intently and with more reverence.  Some of them did – they were larger than life characters, but…

I have my doubts simply because we all live in such a context – we simply do not know what is ahead.  Today can always be our last day.

I intend to be more open to awe in each day, hour and minute (as much as possible) – time is a gift and much of the time I walk this planet has passed… I want to be more alive.

I don’t think that will be too hard – it is not as if I will set up a bucket list, but simply set out to enjoy the little things that come my way and revel in them – the sunrise, the turn of the seasons, the loveliness of the warm woman beside me, the wonder of my children, the smiles and the mischief in the faces of people around me, the uniqueness of each person I encounter, the taste of good wine (and even average wine!)… the many signs of the richness of God’s grace that is lavished on me for no other reason than that God has chosen to love.

The image is one from my recent holiday – a thing of beauty is not a thing to ignore…



One thought on “Some thoughts this week

  1. yep i think the willingness to be awed in the everyday rather than planning for it (ie bucket list) is the key. my middle daughter’s wedding was celebrated around the theme of ‘recognise joy when it comes in the plain brown wrappings of everyday life.’ i love that.

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