music each year

For the last 5 years near to or on my birthday I have put together a compilation of the songs I have enjoyed listening to the most over the year.  I’m transferring the lists from my blogspot blog onto this one in preparation for my big 50 one in May.

Here’s 2007’s list:
Here’s my cd of songs I’ve enjoyed through the last year… the list is in order of making it a good mix more than actual preferences although #1 and #2 are tops with me.
Explanation for some of the choices included…
city of blinding lights – U2 opening track at the U2 concert we went to in Melbourne… alluding to the new Jerusalem???
isn’t it amazing – hothouse flowers
I used it at a memorable church service & went to a concert last year and they sung it!
lungs – cowboy junkies
part of an extra group of covers on the one soul now album ’04
my black heart – the ghost who walks
this is neil mccormick, rock critic and author of the brilliant I was Bono’s Doppelganger & U2 by U2 – I imported this from the UK and love it. He also released a song after the London bombings – you can see it on Neil is in the middle of the clip holding his child.
wired – mephymology
this Dunedin NZ band are finding their way – a great bunch who stayed on their way north to tour in the summer. Check them out at They have some tracks on their my space site from a great concert last year.
window in the skies – U2
used this at church after Easter… great lines esp in opening verse
accustomed to the light – dave dobbyn
Dave is one of NZ’s heros he played this one evening in ChCh this summer with band & orchestra – profound! As was his version of Cohen’s Hallelujah.
map of the problematique – muse
me and my boys enjoy these guys, i love this following dave’s song
magic bracelets – hothouse flowers
from the latest flowers album – full of optimism.
fade into you – mazzy star
a song on my brother’s compilation that struck a chord, one of my daughter’s favourites as well
not ready to make nice – dixie chicks
the most ‘pop’ of the songs on this list… i like the anger but hope they find a way to move on from their stand re George Bush and the stuff that came at them because of it!
nothing wrong with me – the audreys
also on the compilation… they won the best blues & roots album in Australia 2006 check them at
thunder road – cowboy junkies
A springsteen’s song in junkies style also from the one soul now extra cd
red right hand – nick cave & the bad seeds
a close competition with their song do you love me?
angel – massive attack
enjoyed this played on The West Wing end of series 4
forever young – bob dylan
I honestly hadn’t really heard this song until this year!

I will post the 2008 list shortly


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